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Giles Ufer, PDP

Giles Ufer is a PDP at Pegasus Logistics Group, he graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2019 with a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Sales. In the Professional Development Program, Giles has trained with every department over the last year learning the nuances of the company to become an industry expert. Once finished with the program, Giles will take on the role of Sales Account Executive. He is passionate about this role and is looking forward to stepping into this new position. On the weekends you will find Giles on the golf course or fixing up his house.

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PDP Perspective: Giles Ufer on the Importance of Culture in the Workplace

Searching for a company that holds goals and values that align with yours is a task I knew was important to me while I was interviewing for a post-college graduation career. I made it a goal of mine to land at a company that valued culture, encouraged employee growth and development, and had good pay and benefits. While salary may be straightforward, company culture was a harder trait that was not necessarily proved in the first interview. This was the type of thing that had to be experienced, the aspect of a company that couldn’t be fully understood until you were in the midst of it. 

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