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Herb Reich

Herb Reich is one of our Sr. Vice President of Sales here at Pegasus Logistics Group. He has diverse and extensive experience in all modes of domestic and international transportation, logistics and supply chain management. His specialties include supply chain consulting, landed cost analysis, procurement, PO management and consolidation services, four wall logistics, and End-to-End Supply Chain expertise.

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The Transition from China to Mexico: Electronics Manufacturing

Over the course of the last several years, China has experienced structural challenges that have impacted its ability to compete in global markets. Between rising labor costs, expensive raw materials, and pricey industrial real estate, China’s manufacturing base has found itself in competitive struggles with countries that include Malaysia, Vietnam, and Mexico. With so much strain on Chinese supply chains, many companies are looking to Mexico as an option for both the purchase and sale of goods. Bolstered by a newly signed US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, US-based companies are finding that there are many advantages to doing business in Mexico, including a strong industrial base, competitive landed costs, shorter lead times, easier travel, and parallel time zones.

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