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Pegasus EVP of Global Development, Chad Heller

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“All Freight Forwarders are the Same”

Recently on a sales call, the client expressed an opinion that “all freight forwarders are the same.”  After hearing this, it immediately became my goal to disprove this theory. Having spent my entire career in logistics, I know that statement just isn’t true. It is increasingly important for small and mid-size forwarders to create ways to set themselves apart in this competitive and growing industry. At Pegasus Logistics Group, we strive to be different and disprove this theory in our transportation network, sales and customer service teams, implementation and onboarding processes, and client and partner relationships.

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Pegasus Industry Update: Potential Coronavirus Impact to Supply Chain

As the coronavirus gains more traction worldwide, with confirmed cases in more than 24 countries, businesses in all industries are experiencing disruption and restrictions within their supply chains. The economic impacts of these restrictions are likely to continue beyond the containment of the health crisis. To help our clients and partners understand the impact on their business, we have put together a few pertinent points of information.

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